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If you are feeling anxious about something, stressed, having negative thoughts or unresolved issues, then talking to someone confidentially – who is not a friend or family member – can make all the difference.

Peter Richard-Herbert is a registered psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychoanalyst. Peter is unique, in that he uses each of these areas selectively when working with a client to offer a more rounded and effective therapy. His sessions are 90 minutes long, compared with the usual 50 minute session elsewhere for the same price.

Peter Richard-Herbert is a Consultant Psychotherapist. He is available to answer questions from other Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, the Media or anyone with a query about any type of issue from therapies available to phobias, anxiety, stress matters and confidence building. Just email him with your contact phone number and he will respond. Go to the CONTACT page and send your message remembering to include your contact details.

Having been in private practice in Sydney for over 30 years, he has now opened Macquarie Street Therapy  in the Sydney CBD.

Macquarie Street Therapy offers:

• Counselling
• Relationship Coaching
• Psychotherapy
• Hypnotherapy
• Anxiety Relief
• Confidence Building
• Life Coping Skills
• Performance Coaching
• Life Coaching

Macquarie Street Therapy can help you make positive change in your life.
Email or call us now on 9222 3222 to make an appointment.

Peter offers Supervision as a Registered Supervisor through the A.H.A. Call for an appointment.
• Peter is a Consultant Therapist to other Therapists. As a therapist you can have a one-on-one session with Peter discussing difficult or controversial issues, client situations or therapy quandries,
He will give recommendations for your approach to therapy or discuss problems and ethics involved. Peter is a Qualified Supervisor. Call for an appointment.